Frequently Asked Questions

We have different schedules for the needs of our families.

We have morning school from 8:30 am-11:30am or 12:30 pm, with the option of early drop-off from 8:00 am.

We also offer Afternoon Experience. Our same academic proposal in the morning in the afternoons from 2:00 pm-5:00pm.

For our morning school students, we offer All Day Fun, which has extended hours until 5:00 pm

We know that no program is perfect, which is why we incorporate aspects of different curriculums to provide a complete and comprehensive proposal.

Learn more about our methodology here

We value learning other languages ​​at an early age, which is why our classes are taught entirely in English.

Initially, children learn through gestures, pictures, listening to stories and songs, and imitating teachers. Little by little, they understand instructions and vocabulary, and then incorporate them into their phrases and sentences.

Yes, through the company Transports Service Chiari.

At Peekaboo we have a maximum of 18 children per classroom.

For the little ones, we have 1 teacher with 2 assistants. In our level 2 and level 3, 1 teacher with 1 assistant.

We manage the Panamanian calendar, which begins in March and ends in December. In January and February, we offer a 6-week summer camp.

The half-year vacations are in the month of July for two weeks.

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