From the Cupboard to the Floor



Last week we had the honor of having a dear friend, amazing teacher, Mrs. Frizzle want to be (if you don’t know who Mrs. Frizzle is look up the Magic School Bus), bubbly – cheerful Ms. Marianne Mantovani AKA Soy Tutora. She shared with us some fun & easy experiments to try at home with your little ones! Please make sure to include your little helpers in the process. She claims you should have ALL of these ingredients in your kitchen or bathroom.


1. empty bottle
2. funnel
3. baby oil
4. food coloring
5. water
6. Alka-Seltzer

The lava lamp is super engaging for little ones. First step, is to fill a bottle with baby oil using a funnel. Add some food coloring. Side note: You could even use this opportunity to teach primary colors, or what happens when you mix colors. Next, add some water. There are no exact measurements for this experiment. The last, and most important aspect, add alka seltzer. Spruce it up and work your fine motor skills or math skills by breaking in half, or thirds, or fourths.


2. baking soda
3. funnel
4. balloon
5. empty bottle
6. clothespin

Another fun experiment that works hand-eye coordination through the use of a funnel. Fill a bottle with vinegar. Grab the funnel, insert in the balloon, and fill with baking soda. Use the clothespin to make sure the baking soda does not fall out of the balloon. Place the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. Pinch & release the clothespin and watch the balloon MAGICALLY inflate. Side note: Having your little one pinch the clothespin works their fine motor skills.


1. hair conditioner
2. corn flour
3. acrylic paint

This one is kind of messy but SUPER fun. Mix conditioner with corn flour and your favorite color. My favorite color is green! You can use a fork to mix the mixture until smooth. Save your homemade playdough in an airtight container.


1. non water-based glue
2. liquid starch
3. food coloring
4. bowl

A recent FAV of all kiddos. Mix non water based glue with Sta-Flo. (Can be found in the laundry aisle at the grocery store or Novey.) Add a few drops of food coloring. Have your little one count the drops! Mix and mix until consistency is reached.


1. empty bottle
2. funnel 
3. playdough
4. baking soda
5. food coloring 

An all-time favorite! Fill a cup or bottle with baking soda, using your funnel. Camouflage with playdough to make look like a volcano. Add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Last, add vinegar & watch the reactions flow!

You can see all the wonderful things Ms. Marianne creates on her YOU Tube Channel, Soy Tutora, on her Facebook or Instagram pages, @soytutora



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