At Peek-a-Boo we value the importance of learning a second language at an early age. For this reason, our classes are presented using only the English language. Initially, students will learn through gestures, images, listening to stories and songs, as well as imitating the teacher. Little by little, they will understand instructions and new vocabulary. Later, they will use this knowledge to speak words and phrases in the English language. 

Our preschool utilizes the HighScope curriculum, which is based on the ideas of psychologist Jean Piaget. This program guides our interaction and instruction, by providing students with experiences that stimulate their senses and allows for movement throughout the classroom. Piaget states that children learn best through exploring, playing and interacting with diverse materials and with other students.

Approaches to Learning

Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development and Health

Communication, Language and Literacy

Cognitive Development

Creative Arts

Language & Communication: Our focus is to develop understanding of the English language in order to hold a conversation and express ideas. We also emphasize an appreciation of literature through the exploration of books. 

Cognitive Development: This area focuses on mathematical skills, shapes, colors among other concepts. We also develop critical and scientific thinking. 

Montessori: Through activities of Practical Life, we encourage and develop independence and responsibility in our students through hands-on activities. 

Fine Motor Skills and Pre-Writing: The development of fine motor skills is important to complete activities like manipulating objects, writing and buttoning. Additionally, it is an important factor in preparing our students for the writing process and core strength. 

Gross Motor Skills: The movement of the body is important for displacing oneself from one place to another and for the overall health of the individual. Through activities, we encourage the development of the muscles of the body. 

Social & Emotional Development: The development of social and emotional skills is of great importance for this age group. We work with parents to establish a connection and structure with students in order to develop discipline based on respect and understanding. 

Daily Life Skills: We develop an understanding of daily life skills like grooming, eating independently, preparing food, among others, in order for them to be able to assist in daily activities and take care of themselves. 

We count with the certification of the Ministry of Social Development which allows us to serve as a Comprehensive Center fo Early Childhood. Under this certification, we look to develop the social, emotional and personal abilities of our students in an inclusive manner. 

At Peek-a-Boo, our internal curriculum looks to expose children to different, interesting concepts such as animals, recycling, community helpers, the five senes among others.